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Welcome to FAQ page, here you will find some of the useful information regarding downloading and how each page of our website works in order to get your game file.

1.) To the Download Page

In the post, you will find the Download link at the bottom of the screenshots. Click the hyperlink to proceed to the download page.

The redirect page will pop up but don’t worry, it won’t take long you just have to wait for 5 seconds. If it does not load then click the link below.

Download all the parts one-by-one, click the password link to get the password for extraction of the file.


New download links are in black color.

2.) Downloading from Gdrive

Downloading Gdrive is very easy, you just have to click the blue button to get to the direct download page, or download it immediately using the button at the upper right.

3. Downloading from 4Shared

Similarly, in 4Shared you must click download button to proceed, two download mode will take place for free and paid users.

4. Downloading from Deposit Files

Now in Deposit Files, you have to answer a captcha for you to get the file, that’s it!!

5. Downloading from Mediafire

Mediafire is again the same as the others. click the button then poof… The download will begin.


For single file, click on download through your browser, or you can also use download with MEGAsync software.

For multiple file, right click, then download.

Re-uploads and requests:

You can request a game or a reupload of a game by ether commenting below in a post, or using the Forum (Coming soon).
Hope these FAQs have cleared your doubts. If you still have any, then feel free to comment below.