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Mega Man V GBC ROM (U)

Mega Man V GBC ROM

Name – Mega Man V GBC ROM
Size – 257 KB
Genre – Action, Platform
Developers – Minakuchi Engineering, Capcom
Languages – Multilingual
Date of Release – July 22, 1994
Description –
Mega Man V is like any other Mega Man platform games. The hero Mega Man uses his staple arm cannon to defeat enemies and now able to charge it up to a certain powerful blow. After defeating a boss, Mega Man can acquire their powers and use it against the next boss. Each boss has a different weakness.

How to download and play:

  1. Download and extract the rar file.
  2. Open any Game Boy Color emulator.
  3. Open the GB file from the extracted rar file.
  4. Play! Enjoy!!]
Mega Man V GBC ROM Screenshot 1
Mega Man V GBC ROM Screenshot 2
Mega Man V GBC ROM Screenshot 3


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