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Joel's Bizarre Pokeventure (Hacked) GBC ROM

Name: Joel's Bizarre Pokeventure Hacked GBC ROM

Size: 900 KB

Language: English

Release date: September 8, 2017


This is another Pokemon hack but with some difference. In it, members of Vinesauce get kidnapped by an unknown person and turned into Pokémon.
You play as Joel, and must find his Pokémon friends, collect them all and then get them turned back into humans, and find out who was responsible. Read more about it here: Pokemcommunity.

How to download and play

  1. For help on downloading please check our FAQ page. (Will open in a new tab)

  2. Download and extract the game using WinRAR.

  3. Run your GBC Emulator and load the game.

  4. Poof! Done!! Enjoy!!!



Note: If you got any doubts or any request, please comment it below or use our Forum. (Will open in a new tab)
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