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The World Ends With You (U) NDS ROM

Name - The World End With You
Size - 67.32 MB
Genre - Action, Role-playing
Developers - Square Enix & Jupiter
Language - English

Description -
The game's story takes after Neku throughout the three weeks that he plays the Game, matched with accomplices Shiki, Joshua, and Beat for every week, separately. Neku is befuddled at to begin with, lacking learning of how he kicked the bucket or how he touched base at the UG. As he creates kinships with his accomplices, he begins to comprehend the guidelines of the Game.

How to download and play:

  1. Download and extract the rar file.

  2. Start the Nintendo DS emulator.

  3. Open the nds file to the DS window to play.

  4. Poof! Done!! Enjoy!!! :D


The World Ends With You Screenshot 1

The World Ends With You Screenshot 2

The World Ends With You Screenshot 3


The World Ends With You DS

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