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Swords of Destiny PS2 ISO (E)

Swords of Destiny cover
Name - Swords of Destiny
File size - 2.15 GB
Genre - Action
Developers - Marvelous Interactive inc.
Languages - English, Spanish, Dutch, French
Date of Release - 17th February, 2005

Description - 
The player takes control of Lei Yun, a to a great degree talented warrior understudy, against a dull race of intense evil presences, called Gyakki.

How to download and play: 
• Download all rar files.
• Extract until the ISO/bin has been compiled.
• Save everything on the same location of your ps2 emulator.
• Run the ISO file as the PS2 emulator app to start playing.

Recommended emulator (PCSX2)

Swords of Destiny screenshot 1

Swords of Destiny screenshot 2

Swords of Destiny screenshot 3


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Swords of Destiny - Part 1

Swords of Destiny - Part 2

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