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Cave Story 3D 3DS ROM [Decrypted]

Cave Story 3D cover
File name - CS3d3dz.rar 
File size - 240 MB
Genre - Adventure, Side-Scrolling
Developers - Nicalis
Languages - Multilingual
Date of Release - 8th November 2011

Description -
Cave Story 3D is a 3D revamp of Cave Story for the Nintendo 3DS, discharged on November 8, 2011. It was created by Nicalis and distributed by NIS America. Features a 3D graphics.

How to download and play:
• Download and extract the file.
• Open your 3DS Citra emulator.
• Drag and drop the cia file or open it in your emulator.
• Play
• For help on downloading, please check our FAQ  page.

Cave Story 3D screenshot 1

Cave Story 3D screenshot 2

Cave Story 3D screenshot 3


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Download link:

 Gdrive: Cave Story 3D 

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