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Paca Plus Minus (J) PC

Paca Plus Minus

Paca Plus Minus Cover

Name: Paca Plus Minus

Size: 133 MB

Language: Japaanese

Genre: Visual Novel

Region: Japan

Publisher: Paco Project


This is how me and my girlfriend became an item.

Winter vacation was over, and a new term was starting.
Only one thing was on anyone's mind: entrance exams.
A fierce battle of survival. Pressure mounting toward a huge life climax.

That's where we met.

She was there, blending into a gentle atmosphere. It was the moment.
Violins played in my soul. The sky blossomed in tinted rose at her beauty. I couldn't take my eyes off of this perfect vision.

And she said to me, "Please go."

Just like that, refused.

The season restlessly changed from winter to summer.

As the snow dissolved around me, I wondered if I could ever melt the barriers of her heart... 

How to download and play

  1. For help on downloading, please check our FAQ page.
  2. Download, and extract thee File using WinRAR.
  3. Run the setup, and install the game.
  4. The setup is in some other language, don't get confused. Keep on clicking on the middle button.
  5. Poof! Done!! Enjoy!!! :D

Paca Plus Minus Screenshot-1

Paca Plus Minus Screenshot-2

Paca Plus Minus Screenshot-3


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