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Hagane SNES ROM (US)

Hagane cover
File name - Hagane (U).smc
File size - 1.15 MB
Genre - Action, Platform
Developers - Red Entertainment, Hudson
Language - English
Date of Release - June 1995

Description -
Hagane highlights side-looking over activity and platforming gameplay and mixes components of conventional Japanese ninja and samurai with a modern setting. The player controls Hagane, a ninja cyborg, and can switch between four distinct weapons: a sword, chain, shuriken, and explosives. Furthermore, there are likewise restricted enchantment assaults accessible which clear the screen of hostiles.

How to download and play:
 •Download the .smc file
• Run the SNES ROM file in your SNES emulator to play.
• If you have any questions about downloading see our FAQs page.

Recommended emulator (Snes9x)

Hagane screenshot 1

Hagane screenshot 2


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Gdrive: Hagane

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