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Call Of Duty 3 PS2 ISO (EU)

Call of Duty 3 cover 1

Call of Duty 3 cover 2
Name - Call of Duty 3
File size - 2.45 GB 
Genre - First Person shooting
Developers - Activision
Language - English
Date of Release - November 2006 

Description - 
Call of duty 3 is the third installment of the Call of Duty franchise. It is part of the event in Call of Duty 2 and 1 with WWII settings. It has 14 missions in different campaign covering the operations of allied forces (British SAS, US Army, Canadian army, and Polish Armour Division). Some interesting interactions are added like arming a bomb, fighting a one-on-one melee, and different routes whilst doing the objective.

How to download and play: 
• Download all rar files.
• Extract until the ISO/bin has been compiled.
• Save everything on the same location of your ps2 emulator.
• Run the ISO file as the PS2 emulator app to start playing.

Recommended emulator (PCSX2)

Call of Duty 3 screenshot 1

Call of Duty 3 screenshot 2

Call of Duty 3 screenshot 3


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